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Enlightening Jazz and Soul Through a Purpose With Faith Harris’ ‘What Matters’

The Georgia vocalist adds her voice to celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Atlanta, Georgia – April 2021 – Soft progressive beats, laced with introspective verses, double bass, and pianos with refined and transformative emotions create the sound of Faith Harris’ latest album ‘What Matters’.

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Jazz/Soul artist, and musical activist, Faith Harris, has written and produced music for this album, along with the contributions of Jazz legacies such as recording artist William Menefield as a producer, Larry Wilson as the project’s recording engineer, and many more along with Tryone Jackson who mastered the album.

‘What Matters’ was thoughtfully written by Faith Harris as she personally reflected on the impact of systematic racism. Resisting this growing pattern as the new normal requires each of us to really decide what matters and what better way to help deliver this message than through the gift of music. The album’s title song is the beginning of a conversation that continues with songs such as “Paradise” and a soulful version of the Rolling Stone’s Rock Standard, “Gimme Shelter”.. Jazz, soul, and pop conversion with an infusion of lush harmonies encouraging personal accountability.

Faith shared her personal statement about music and social responsibility when she said, “I regard the music I make as mindful meditation, prayer as well as storytelling to encourage and uplift the human spirit and condition. Huge challenges are confronting us from homelessness to social justice, to climate change. And we are all connected and interdependent. We have the capacity to create the best – find solutions that work for all – because the choices we make on a day-to-day basis matter and will shape the world we live in.”

Faith Harris is more drawn towards classic elements of jazz, funk, and soul, with an added groove to each beat and richly diverse arrangements to create something magical. Her music is reminiscent of a walk down a cobblestone path with nothing but your complex thoughts and harmonious soul. Her audience finds her work powerful yet refreshing, and they feel captivated by her method of storytelling, finding it difficult to turn away from another listen. She skillfully creates lines and melodies that replay in the listener’s mind even after the song ends. You may find yourself spontaneously singing a line with a smile splashed across your face.

Faith Harris hopes to increase the exposure of the people to Jazz and Soul, and revolutionize the industry by ensuring equal respect for all. She wishes to continue her adventure as a solo artist and win a Grammy that recognizes not only the talent but the heart and soul that she pours into every project. Ultimately, she is a musical activist who wants to uplift the spirits of those who experience her music live and through recordings. Faith Harris is looking forward to being on stage again and will be featured in an outdoor event on April 11th where social distancing will allow for a small intimate audience who are ready to get out and enjoy music and community.

‘What Matters’ is now available on CD and as a Digital download, with tracks including “Gimme Shelter,” written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, “Have You Ever Seen” written by Buffalo, NY saxophonist, Bilal Abdullah with additional lyrics by Faith, and much more.

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Faith Harris is an artist, songwriter, and producer from Buffalo, New York. Growing up, she sang anthems at her family Church, St. Philips Episcopal, after being trained by her mother who was a classical vocalist. After completing her degree in Black Studies and Vocal Performance from the University of Buffalo, she founded the Imani Music Workshop and became the lead songwriter for a 7- vocalist band. Touring the world with the Imani Music Workshop taught her about people and the power of art, the influences of which can be traced in her first solo album, “The Time Is Right,” cementing her place as a solo Jazz artist. She describes her sound as an exquisite mix of positive Blues, smooth Soul, and dynamic Jazz. Her powerful voice, serenading the audience with emotionally-rich paintings of her imagination, with mellow saxophones, effortless piano, and a smooth trumpet make for a one-of-a-kind adventure.




Name: Faith Harris