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Enigmatic and Inspirational Gospel and Rap Mixes: Emerging Artist MALICKHI Releases New Single

Enigmatic and Inspirational Gospel and Rap Mixes: Emerging Artist MALICKHI Releases New Single

With his enriching new musical composition “Social Dictum”, MALICKHI is using his blazing and captivating musical genius to shed light on the Truth of the New World Order in a thrilling mix of Gospel and Hip Hop

Las Cruces, New Mexico – May 10th, 2021 – Sending waves in the world of Gospel and Hip Hop, rising singer and songwriter MALICKHI’s new single retells the perilous times that have been foretold in the Bible, fitting perfectly in today’s tumultuous status quo.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, budding artist MALICKHI’s new music, featured by artist DAMU (Damu Kananu) is an enlivening and thrilling new single, underscored by memorable songwriting and vocals.

Profound, sensory and inspirational, “Social Dictum” portends the rise of a one-world government and elucidates the Christian message about the coming of the Antichrist and the Beast. Through his unique and mesmerizing Gospel Rap compositions, the budding artist is set to become a fan favorite, inspired by his icons such as James Brown, Andrae Crouch, Michael Jackson, and Tupac. Complemented by talented producer Tone Jonez on instrumentals, MALICKHI’s new single was tracked at Sound Solutions Digital Studios and subsequently mixed by Brian Reeves Mixes Studio in Los Angeles, California.

Set to release on May 14th, 2021, “SOCIAL DICTUM” will highlight the budding singer’s powerful and moving vocals, delivered with great conviction and underscored by a distinct Urban Street Rasta flavor. By intricately weaving together catchy Rap hooks with prophetic, timely and moving Gospel messages, MALICKHI is crafting a unique position for himself. His music aims to tell the truth in troubling times and is rooted within the Book of Revelation and profound Christian themes.

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Duntic Malick Munford, known by his artistic name MALICKHI is a budding 52-years-young passionate and creative rapper and songwriter. Born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in San Diego, California, MALICKHI is currently living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, continuing his Rap journey which began in 1980. With 36 years of experience in the musical industry, the growing artist has continued to release stunning singles such as the 1997 single “I DON’T KNOW”, which received wide acclaim and charted in the College Music Journal, and his following release titled “GOD WILL LET IT GO”.

MALICKHI now wishes to continue his stirring Rap journey, with new single “SOCIAL DICTUM”, which is slated for release on May 14th, 2021. In the future, MALICKHI intends to continue releasing spiritual and touching musical compositions, while simultaneously working on his independent self-help book, illuminating the way with vision and the burning power of truth.


Name: Duntic Malick Munford (EndTime Records, LLC)