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Emmylou Harris Moved To Tears After Band Performs Tribute Song

Like millions of other fans, many discovered their love for Emmylou Harris’ music at a young age. After all, she is an iconic legend when it comes to country music. So much so, sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg of the Swedish duo, First Aid Kit stood up to tell their story of how they fell in love with her music in their early teens.

“It was quite the musical revelation for us. We were so inspired that we wrote this song which is about the joy and the magic of singing together with someone that you love,” Johanna Soderberg said. What the band didn’t expect was that Emmylou would be sitting in the audience!

Would you be able to sing or even speak if you found out that one of your icons was sitting in the room? These two weren’t sure. But, the pair hit every note perfectly revealing a whimsey and beautiful love…