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Dshcook Announces His New Album State Of Grace

July 10, 2019 — SW Michigan — Dshcook, a solo Christian artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer, has launched his new album “State of Grace”.  The all-new album comes with 12 original songs inspired by the Holy Spirit and completely in line with how the Lord is moving in the earth today.

Dshcook has been making music for a long time. Even though he was into mainstream music earlier, he has now shifted focus entirely to creating music that enriches other lives. Dshcook is not your ordinary music artist — his songs are soul-searching, encouraging and he is a new Christian Artist in the contemporary genre.

According to Dshcook, “Music means different things to different people and fastens moments in time to our lives… Music can change your mood, paint your experiences and color your memories.” He further adds that his gifts and fervor for music comes from the Lord Himself and He is unquestionably worthy of our praise! He is an ardent believer that the right music led, played and offered to the Lord can deepen our connection to Him, and to each other. Dshcook calls for everyone to come together and worship the one true and living God through music!

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeart, Radio, Deezer, Nam Radio, CDBaby.  Dshcook has also released 3 music videos on his YouTube channel, Facebook and Vimeo.

Listen to the State of Grace Here:


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About Dshcook 

Dshcook is a new Christian Artist in the Contemporary Christian marketplace and he is full of surprises. With catchy rhythms and melodies that you can’t get out of your head, Dshcook is truly creative and lavishes a style that will surely appeal. With all of that said, let’s not forget the most important thing about Christian music, “the message”. The evidence is clear and the verdict is in. Dshcook is truly a channel through which the Holy Spirit is pouring into with lyrics that speak the truth of God’s love, point to the Savior of our faith and declare His truth without compromise. Dshcook is on his way to a rewarding career creating, recording and performing passionate worship for a passionate Lord with the release of his new album.

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