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Dr. Raelynn Parkin Presents Chronicles of Worship

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Houston, Texas – March 28, 2018 – Hot off the release of the release of their latest album, Chronicles of Worship 8 CD Series, the Live Tabernacle of David Experience delighted the congregation at Church on the Rock in their native Houston, Texas. Now, leader, Dr. Raelynn Parkin is preparing to do even more with their contemporary Christian sound that has many layers in orchestration of prophetic sounds of worship.

Comparable to the likes of Ray Hughes and Hillsong Worship, Chronicles of Worship come with a variety packed sound. Interweaving their faith into everything from classical sounds to jazz helps them create a solid revelation both on their albums and live performances.

Creator, producer, composer,keyboardist, and vocalist Dr. Raelynn Parkin calls Chronicles of Worship an “unprecedented project” and a “standard based upon scripture, that will change the landscape of the Church today.”

The Chronicles of Worship 8 CD Series, is over eight hours of incredible sound and worship weaved together with the passionate heartbeat of the Bride wooing Her King. This series is based on her book, The Heavenly Worship Room, and is just the latest of a long line of worship projects and performances from Dr. Raelynn Parkin and her team, The Lord’s Bridal Company. She’s also performed live in concert with The Lord’s Bridal Company, on the Arise My Church Arise Summer Tour, and has led Worship in a Prophetic Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and worshiped alongside some of the most prolific worshipers in the region of Houston, Texas. Along with other regular worship events around the Houston area, she and her family and worship team have hosted their monthly Worship nights for over 12 years. Her dream is to see the True Tabernacle of David manifest all across the Church today, and to prepare a Bride for her first love, Christ Jesus, the King of Glory.

Dr. Raelynn Parkin plans on continuing the Chronicles of Worship journey with further plans for a summer tour with The Lord’s Bridal Company which is in the works as they endeavor to change the landscape of Christian worship with a Throne Room Atmosphere of Worship. Those interested in reviewing Chronicles of Worship’s music, featuring it on their playlists, having them perform at an event, or interviewing Dr. Raelynn Parkin can reach out via the information provided below.


Chronicles of Worship Members:
Dr. Raelynn Parkin: Creator, Producer, Composer, Piano, Keys, Vocals
Gary McClatchy: Co-producer, Guitars, Drums, Keys
Max Dyer: Cello, Don Pope, Sax, Flutes, Janet Shell: Violin, Gil Delaney: Electric Guitar
Talitha Taft: Keyboards, Guy Ben Murphrey: Keyboards, Penny Whistle, Joel White: Bass
Jean McNemar: Flute, Eric Ward: Trumpets and Shofar, Robert Steele: Trumpets, Jay Taucher: Electric Guitar, Zachary Parkin: Double bass, Michael Parkin: Viola, Shawnee Boykin: Vocals
Monica Johnson: Vocals

Raelynn Parkin
Dr. Raelynn Parkin

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