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DeDrinique Barnes is the World’s Next Big Pop and R&B’s Hot and Viral Sensation

Spinning magic with humility and aesthetic into her musical compositions, this fresh new voice to the genres of Pop is one that is bound to immerse listeners fully into her ambitious and soulful musical pieces

Panama City, Florida  – January 5th, 2021 – With gospel roots and now creating ripples in the Pop scene, DeDrinique is an iconic new addition to the world of music. Armed with a viral stock of compositions, DeDrinique’s music culminates efforts that she has been putting in ever since life threw multiple obstacles her way. From being bullied, envied, and losing her father at an early age and having near-death accidents, DeDrinique’s music is her song to the world. Her fresh new album is titled “Dear Diary” and is a compelling masterpiece of 12 songs where she has written and recorded lead and background vocals. Listeners will reel through the same emotions she has carefully crafted as her songs reflect her vulnerability and rawness of emotions.

Scores of trauma and heart-rending experiences have shaped the person DeDrinique is today making waves as this up-and-coming humble singer and songwriter shares her trinkets with the world in the form of her raw, beautiful musical compositions. Releasing her first single at age 16, DeDrinique has become an unstoppable force curating magic with each song.




DeDrinique Barnes, is a true Young Servant of the Lord, known often as “Noony” (a name given to her as a baby by her deceased Father Dedrick Waddell who passed away in 2008). Describing herself as a unique and fun-loving individual, DeDrinique began singing at age 6 and discovered to have quite the anointed voice. Losing her Father at an early age, DeDrinique continued to draw strength from her love of God and His Grace and the love of her supportive Mother. She has a unique style as not only is she a singer, but she is quite the percussion musician. In addition, she is an avid student of the Word of God. In 2016 her video went viral with over 24 million viewers of her praising God on anaesthesia after a concerning serious surgery.

DeDrinique runs on the mantra that as long as one trusts God, sings his Glory and just “vibes” every day, there will be nothing to fear or be sad about. In the uncertain times of the pandemic, her music is a call to do just that. DeDrinique wants to spread the good news & life to any and everyone who will listen. She has performed at several birthday concerts, one being a benefit for Hurricane Michael. She intends to release her first complete Gospel album in the upcoming year- 2021. DeDrinique’s purpose in life is to spend her time on earth for God and help spread His Message through her strong vocal prowess and magical musical compositions which reflect her soulful voice and strength.



Name: DeDrinique “Noony” Barnes