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Christian Artist Spreading Hope and The Word of Christ: Mark Gray Replicates Daughter Amelia’s Everlasting Love in New Album “Enduring”

After being inspired by the strength and love of his daughter, Mark Gray, is out to do the same for his listeners

Grand Forks, North Dakota — February 15th, 2022 – Mark Gray’s musical project, Tender Grace and its new album “Enduring” is an ode to his daughter Amelia Josefina Gray. Whose tragic death spurred the project as it took shape. As through her, Tender Grace was able to spread the word of God, and Christ among the worlds. Providing an immense inspiration to Tender Grace through which it is not only able to bring people onto the path of Christ but is also able to spread a message of hope. The message of Tender Grace is one that has been taken from the life of  Amelia Josefina Gray, as she was able to inspire within people an uncanny ability to hope even within the darkest of times, something that Tender Grace hopes to rekindle within his listeners.

Throughout his 18-year-old daughter’s two-year fight with cancer, she was a constant inspiration to Mark Gray, as she never managed to let him lose hope. Always managing to remind others that no matter how bad things got, they would still get better with time. Even until her final moments of death, she was still urging others to do their best with everything that they came across. Tender Grace’s new album “Enduring” is one that contains the same spirit of finding hope no matter how bad things are

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Always an artistic soul, Mark Gray, was inclined towards drawing and painting – music, however, was not something that would dawn on his mind often. Having a daughter whom he loved the most in the world, it was the perfect life for both. Things would however take a turn for the worse as they would both learn of the cancer that Amelia Josefina Gray was facing.

For two grueling years, Amelia would fight with the disease, a battle she was not destined to win. Throughout this entire time while Mark would often face times of trouble, where he would often lose hope, it would be Amelia who would ensure that she was always there to give him hope in the times that he needed the most.

After the death of his daughter, Mark Gray wanted to spread a message in an ode to his daughter, who had brought him so much joy, and continue this process which she had ingrained so deeply in him. A process through which Tender Grace was born.


Tender Grace
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