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Brilliant Award Winning Songwriter and Music Creator: Introducing Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner

Composing compelling tunes of almost all areas of music and bringing out her creative artistic vision to life through songs, artist Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner is constantly striving forwards in the scene of music

Moores Hill, Indiana – August 10th, 2021 – Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner is a singer and songwriter, possessing incredible expertise in the genres of Gospel and Country music. With immense experience and excellence, the artist has been making music for over 20 years now. So far, she has released a total of 208 songs with a whole lot more still under works to be released later.

The dedicated artist has been working with ASCAP for quite a while now. She started out in music 20 years ago, penning down some great lyrics that came to her mind and noting them all down. This eventually led to her getting down to the process of recording, composing outstanding tunes and perfecting the songs to the best of her musical capabilities. Consistently releasing great music now, Melanie comes from humble beginnings. Her single “Believe” – released in June this year – proved to be a smash hit in her musical career. Apart from that, her single “Widows Sorrow / Agent Orange” was released last year along with a music video on YouTube. “Cold Shame” is another one of her single which was released along with a music video on August 26th, 2020. A few other great releases of her include “Walk With Me”, “Do You”, “Love The Lord”, “Love Like This”, “Trailerparktrash”, “The Day The Lord Wept”, “Penny Heartbreaker”, “Song of Love”, “God of Peace”, “Child of Mine”, and many more.

Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner is an incredibly unique musician with great artistic individuality and creativeness shining through her music. All her lyrics come straight from her heart, influenced by her life events, valuable memories, and people. Living through old and new times, she has seen all the new technology being adapted in music, gaining tremendous experience and exposure in all areas of music. She makes songs for the world to listen to and feel emotions in their own ways, giving people a chance to experience her music just how they wish. While keeping her main focus on traditional Country music, she likes to keep her mind open for various music styles and inspirations simultaneously. This allows her to spread out in all branches and makes her stand out among other artists.

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Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner is a singer and songwriter with great amount of experience in Country music. She loves to write and have books with her music in them. This is her twentieth year with ASCAP.
Melanie’s goals are to keep writing. She has been where others have not been allowed to venture. She gets to hire her singers, tell them how to sing the songs, choose instruments, and decide how it should all come out.


Name: Melanie Shifflett Ridner Warner
Phone no: (513) 668-8026
Full Business Address: Melanie warner
8033 E County Road 200 N
Moores Hill, Indiana 47032
US Minor Outlying Islands