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Artist Releases New Single, “Be My One”

Upcoming singer Gogo Eke has plenty of beautiful music in store

Corona, California – April 23rd, 2021 – Soothing choruses, a beautiful voice, and inspirational lyrics – this is an apt description of artist Gogo Eke’s latest love song, “Be My One.” Listeners have described this track as uplifting, motivating, and soothing, a reaction not so surprising considering the artist has intended it to be a calm, emotion-laden, and healing piece of music. Eke’s smooth voice paired with the soft music makes for a wonderful combination that connects with the soul of every listener.

Gogo Eke draws her motivation from people like her. Meaning people who have gone through challenging times and have risen out of them with grace. She wishes to make music for such people and provide them with inspiring compositions. Eke is also inspired by great artists, family and children, Divine power, and other people close to her. Having a staunch belief in Purpose, the artist believes her Purpose is to touch people’s lives through the magic that music creates. Thus, Eke wants to spread her music as far and as wide as possible so that she can spread love, healing, and forgiveness through it. Eke also wants to create authentic and genuine connections with fellow artists in the music industry for a good career in music.

The unique artist, also the songwriter of her songs, bases her compositions on her personal experiences in intimate relationships. This raw source of inspiration makes for music that is instantly relatable and touches the listener. A mental health disorder survivor, Eke has pulled through tough times, and one of the ways she has done so is by composing to uplift her spirits.

Gogo Eke started singing as a young girl. Initially, she would sing in the Church or at funerals, but never in any professional capacity, although she loved singing. The opportunity to pursue music came in the form of a singing and songwriting course in London, UK, in 2013. Ever since the artist seriously considered the idea of pursuing music. Eke started by writing original songs, which she would play using simple chords on her Keyboard. The artist has come a long way to releasing her singles.

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Ngozika Eke, or Gogo Eke, is a single mother of two young children. She was born in London, England, and acquired US nationality later on. Ngozika is a certified massage therapist and a 5D artist. She also loves cooking vegan food at home and spending time with her children.


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