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An Artist with A Tale to Tell: Harold Thomas’ New Single “My Jesus” Speaks Deeply of Our Connection with The Lord

Handcrafted songs which speak to their listeners at a deeper level, Harold Thomas is showing his mastery of the medium

Detroit, Michigan — January 31st, 2022 – A musician with his hand in every aspect of production, Harold Thomas is drawn to every aspect of the art. He delicately crafts each song of his to perfection. His new single “My Jesus” is a testament to just this spirit, as he has crafted and built up every aspect of the song by himself from the ground up. Ensuring that the message of the love and forgiveness that he wants to convey through the song, gets through to the listeners in a manner that they will be able to empathize with fully.

Behind every track of Harold Thomas is a message that he wants to convey, or a story that he wants to tell. Always being a big believer in the power of music to convey a story far greater than ordinary words can. The productions of Harold Thomas carry these same values with them as they are always carrying something towards their listeners. His latest track “My Jesus” being no different, as the words of Jesus and the Lord, and their passion carry right throughout the song.

Harold Thomas’ new single can be streamed on Spotify, and YouTube. His socials at Facebook and Instagram can be followed for more updates.




Born in Detroit, Michigan – Harold Thomas has always had a passion for singing since his birth. As he tells it, he hit his first C note when he was taken out of the womb. His love of music would only continue to grow as he grew older, upon this age he was able to master several instruments. Eventually going on to take his art more seriously, he would then craft his songs with a dedication that allowed him tour across several various bars and venues present in Canada, and Japan, as well as the wider United States.


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