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A Raw and Moving Embodiment of the Soul’s Many Colors- Gerald’s Original Blends Passionate Music

Imbibed with an array of emotions and an inimitable depth, Gerald’s music is one which hopes to bring a new light to every listener’s life

Atlanta, GA —March 30th, 2023 – Gerald Brown is an artist who defies classification. With a unique blend of acoustic, alternative, bluegrass, blues, Christian, classical, country, dance, electronic, funk, gospel, reggae, and rock, his music transcends genres and creates a universal language that moves the hearts and minds of people, regardless of their race or cultural background.

He has just released a new single that showcases this approach to music. Described by his listeners as inspirational, motivational, uplifting, and funny, Gerald’s music is an unfiltered, raw embodiment of his soul. His moving songs express the scars, healing, pain, and triumphs of life in an honest and unapologetic way.

“I hope that my music can bring a little bit of light into people’s lives and help them through the tough times,” says Gerald. “That’s what music has always done for me, and that’s what I hope to give back to the world.”

As a child, the artist found solace in music, and as he grew older, he learned to translate the language of music into words on paper. Every song he writes is inspired by what he hears in the music and how it makes him feel. Gerald’s latest single reflects this approach to music. Titled “Universal Language,” the track is an uplifting, feel-good song that celebrates the power of music to bring people together. With a catchy melody and an infectious rhythm, the song is sure to get listeners tapping their feet and singing along. But it’s not just a fun song; it’s also a message of hope and unity.

“I wanted to create a song that would make people feel good and remind them that, regardless of our differences, we’re all in this together,” says Gerald. “Music has the power to heal and bring people together, and that’s what I wanted to celebrate with this song.”

With his unique approach to music and his honest and unfiltered lyrics, Gerald Brown is an artist to watch in the coming years.

Gerald’s music is available to download and stream on all major music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. He invites listeners to follow him on social media and to check out his website for gig dates and other news.



Gerald Brown is a seasoned singer-songwriter, musician, and artist who continues to grace the world with his creativity and meaning-making through music. Becoming a guide for audiences through his musical compositions, the artist’s music evokes all kinds of powerful emotions- for comfort, healing, growth, and inspiration.

Undergirding each track is a soulful style, a burning passion which is raw and unfiltered, and an honesty that is bound to strike the right chords within each listener.

“Listen to the notes and keys and feel the raw passion and honesty that comes with every song. I hope that my music will inspire you, move you, and bring a little bit of light into your life,” affirms the artist.


Gerald’s Original
Name: Gerald Brown
Address: 275 Winding river Dr #A, Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-955-1556




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