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A Message of Hope, Positivity, and Faith: Fans Claim JB Damesenjah’s New Album to Be The Best They Have Ever Heard

Crafted with the intent to change lives, emerging Christian hip-hop artist JB Damesenjah’s latest album ‘It Is Finished’ has the love for Jesus as its focal point.

Raeford, North Carolina – May 28th, 2021 – Staying true to the spirit of Christianity and authentic R&B music simultaneously, JB Damesenjah weaves together lyrics that are meant to inspire the faithful and uplift the downtrodden. The latest release of his album ‘It Is Finished’ is not only a testament of Damesenjah’s commitment to his mission of spreading spiritual positivity, but also the best example of his musical expertise.

Released on April 3rd, 2021, across all major musical platforms, ‘It is Finished’ has ever since been a source of much-needed comfort and hope for many people across all walks of life.

According to JB Damesenjah, the feedback he has received has been off the charts, with fans claiming ‘It Is Finished’ to be “the best album” they have ever heard.

For the budding and talented artist, spreading positivity in the time of great difficulty for the world was the driving force behind the creative process. This, coupled with the love for Jesus, made the resulting album an empowering tool capable for the listeners as the songs resonated profoundly with their unique circumstances in life and brought hope to the hopeless.

As evident in the album ‘It Is Finished’, Christian hip-hop artist JB Damesenjah is driven by a clear goal of spreading the love and light of God and Jesus. The strong and sensory messages encapsulated in the lyrics do not only make Damesenjah’s music stand out but also immensely impactful.

“This album was intended to be life-changing and that is what it has been,” says the rising new urban Christian artist when talking about his latest release.

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A Christian hip-hop artist, public speaker, and motivational mentor, JB Damesenjah uses the power of music to shine God’s light upon those who need it the most. Driven by the sole purpose of spreading hope, faith, and positivity, JB Damesenjah is on a mission to change the world one person at a time.


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