A Fresh Take on A Beloved Genre: Rising Gospel Singer and Minister, Rowland Sunday Stuns with New Christian Rock Album ‘Community Of Praise’
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A Fresh Take on A Beloved Genre: Rising Gospel Singer and Minister, Rowland Sunday Stuns with New Christian Rock Album ‘Community Of Praise’

Mixing soulful lyricism with poetic imagery, Rowland Sunday’s music carries everything a fan of Christian Rock could hope for – unmatched vocals, inspiring lyrics, harmonious melodies, and powerful symbolism.

Huntsville, Alabama – September 14th, 2021- There are not a lot of artists who come to mind when one thinks of individuals who have excelled in the genre of Christian Rock, whilst truly making it their own. Rowland Sunday, however, is an exception, for he has done something wonderful with his lyrical prowess and love for gospel music. Rowland Sunday has successfully managed to create his own identity in his music, something even big artists fail to do, and as a result, he has amassed quite a dedicated following. Integrating several international elements and creating his own unique style has allowed Rowland Sunday to allow his music to grow with creative liberty, the product of which is his latest album titled ‘Community of Praise’.

Community of Praise is a manifestation of his strong desire to use music for the positive betterment of society. Having a deep passion for God, Rowland Sunday wants to use his musical abilities for the good of God’s creatures, for he strongly espouses the idea that God’s Kingdom is full of people with different abilities, all of which should be used for the good of society. Rowland Sunday’s music is so relatable because he designs it as such that it can cut across several international cultures. He deems using his music for positive endeavors as an act of worship, and his debut album ‘Community of Praise’ is indicative of the vision God has given him to start a movement that will bring people together all over the world.

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Rowland Sunday is an artist, producer, and a music minister, whose passion for God and the kingdom is poise to lend his gift and experience in music into a call of worship. Rowland Sunday’s experience started even as a pianist for over 28 years and he was also the Director of Music in churches and outside the church for a significant amount of time. His debut album ‘Community of Praise’ has skyrocketed him to recognition, particularly amongst fans of the Christian Rock and Gospel genre.

Having come from a multi-cultural background, Rowland Sunday loves incorporating different cultural influences in his music. When one hears about the typical contemporary Christian worship settings, one also manages to hear about him in an Afrocentric, Latin, and world music community.

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