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A Beacon of Hope for the Fading Christian Spiritual Song- Sets Free Music Heal Souls with Striking New Music

Samson Uboh’s Sets Free Music offers a liberating and soothing gateway towards spiritual freedom with their magnetizing musical compositions

Chicago, Illinois — Enlightening Christians of today with timely, pertinent, and vital musical compositions, Sets Free Music is an inspiring and powerful force. The stirring musical act presents reinvented Gospel tracks that have the power of healing souls, mend hearts, and easing minds with their craft. Samson Uboh’s envisioned musical act, Sets Free Music is a strong proponent of illuminating and edifying listeners of the light of the Gospel.

With relatable songwriting and mesmerizing lyricism, Sets Free Music espouses the power of miracles over magic. In a world riddled with distractions and obsessions with magic, the talented artist calls upon audiences to break free and embrace freedom, for God is ready for everyone!

With tracks such as: ‘Little Christmas,’ ‘Tobey Chukwu,’ and ‘I Know I Believe,’ Samson Uboh’s imprint revives the spirit of Gospel tracks. He is confident that with his powerful songs, bestowed by God, one will feel the fierce energy of what it means to be Christian. Samson’s journey began after he was called upon by God to sing for Him, empowered by a deep spiritual dream in which he was ‘standing on the palm of Jesus.’ Following his calling, the eclectic singer-songwriter is sharing his gifts with the world for the betterment of all.

“My music would not make sense to everybody, but the lost sheep will thank God that in the midst of the Christian religious backslide, someone could call out the devil as it is, without fearing a retaliation for living a double standard,” says the artist about his music and inspiration.

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As represented by their enigmatic group name- ‘Sets Free Music’ offers the opportunity for spiritual freedom and liberation. The group’s inspiring origin began with contemplation over the fact that society is dotted with so many churches but little or no impact is being generated within society. Lost and perplexed, people continue to blame God for the Devil’s handiwork and remain pulled into demonic influences. However, Sets Free Music aims to counter all that.

Today, and still counting, God has given Samson Uboh up to 55 messages on different topics that have been plaguing the Christian faith. These are problems that pastors tried to answer but have not been successfully able in some quite well. An example of this is ‘the origin of sin, the age of the world and those that can not be saved by God’. Moving forward with the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, Samson Uboh continues to motivate all. His debut album was released in 2019/2020, featuring his original lyricism and chorus. Ever since the artist has continued to learn about music.


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