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3 Famous Christian Singers Who Overcame Depression with God

Music transcends boundaries to connect with people when other forms of expression fall short. The song lyrics of Christian music in particular can bring a sense of healing that emboldens the believer and transforms the unbeliever. 

Here are 3 top-selling Christian music singers who were transformed by Christ, and who now use their music to encourage others to trust in God’s plan for His children during life’s trials and triumphs alike.

Photo Credit: Godtube

1. Zach Williams: A Journey towards Sobriety and Repentance

Zach Williams is a Grammy Award-winning Christian rock artist known for his debut smash single, “Chain Breaker.” Williams grew up in Arkansas in a Christian household filled with music and faith. Despite this nurturing home and strong church life, Williams would go on to live a cautionary tale of finding rock music stardom at the expense of his faith and family life.

Williams began his music career in 2007 as…